Do you know what you're made of?

Tired of constantly battling your weight?

Does it feel like no matter how many times you try, you just can't stay motivated to shed the pounds? It's time to stop losing weight!

No, really . . . It's time to STOP 

 Despite what many believe, the key to transforming YOUR body is NOT by losing weight . . .


Styku body scanner has helped thousands to stay motivated to transform their body and their lives

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Research has found that the vast majority of people who want to transform their bodies fail for one of TWO REASONS . . .

  • They have no idea whether their diet and fitness plan is working
  • No matter how strict they are with their diet and how often they train they just can't seem to lose weight

Does the next line sound familiar?

'During the first two weeks of my diet I feel really motivated, like this time I'm actually going to follow through with it . . .

. . . But after a couple of weeks my motivation starts to dwindle and when I don't see visible results I slip straight back into old ways'

If this applies to you, Styku could be the KEY to you finally being able to stay motivated to achieving the health and body that you have always wanted

What YOU need to know

  • Your body is mainly composed of Muscle, Fat, Water and Bone
  • When you exercise more or diet you gain lean muscle and lose body fat
  • Your body weight may not change - you may even gain weight
  • This is because lean muscle is 5X denser than fat...

This is why you need to think body composition NOT body weight

Would you be disappointed if you only managed to lose 2lb like this lady?

I imagine the answer would have been yes . . . but not if you knew the truth  

The scales may not lie . . . but they definitely mislead

Three reasons why you are DOOMED to failure by focusing solely on weight loss

  • Very low calorie diets may force your body into 'starvation' mode. Which means you end up storing body fat rather then burning it. So, even if you lose weight, your fat ratio will increase!
  • Body weight alone is a poor reflection on overall health. In trying to lose weight, many people often end up less healthy and less happy as a result.
  • Quick-fix, crash diets may produce fast results, but the weight loss will be in the form of body water and muscle, NOT fat.

10 ways Styku will help you transform your body 

  • Monitor exactly how well your diet and fitness regime is working
  • Track your progress to achieving your personal goals 
  • Stay motivated to achieving your heath and fitness goals 
  • Identify the exact type of training regime your body needs to deliver the results you want to see
  • Fine-tune your exercise program and diet by tracking muscle mass and metabolic rate
  • Personalise your training with 'goal setter' mode
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers by checking if body fat and visceral fat levels are within healthy ranges
  • See improvements across numerous aspects of health
  • Feel amazing for seeing the positive change in your results
  • View data analytics, set preferences and manage your account from anywhere in the world

'Styku 3D Body Scan is SUPERIOR to anything else on the market today'


In just 35 seconds, Styku re-creates a person's body in 3D using the world’s most powerful and precise 3D camera, capturing millions of data points to precisely extract and identify measurements (body circumferences), shape, body composition (fat mass, lean mass, bone mass), posture analysis and other insights to set health and fitness goals and assess health risks.

Non-invasive, using harmless infrared and pioneering AI technology, Styku offers you a very visual way of how your body is changing over time, providing the motivation you need to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition.


Styku produces precise, repeatable measurements of the human body with a percent error of less than 0.5% between scans. A study led by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University found excellent correlations to DEXA, while also showing Styku outperformed competitive systems in all areas.

Styku is committed to working with the most respected academic leaders in body composition, obesity research, metabolic science, exercise physiology, and more. To read more about academic validation and clinical studies please go to:


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