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Inclusive of:

  • Quarterly Styku scans
  • 3 small group training sessions per week
  • Private support group
  • Nutritional guidance

So why should I join the Gold Membership?

  • A wonderful opportunity to train with your friends – and make new ones too
  • Expert supervision ensures correct exercising, that you do the work and you get the results you want 
  • Meeting your friends at the gym helps motivate you to train as hard as they do
  • Classes 7 days a week – you can change class times to suit your personal lifestyle
  • If you want, adjust exercise intensity as your fitness improves. Conventional gym activity? Bor-ring. Academy's different, and far better
  • Cheaper than hiring a trainer for 1-on-1 sessions
  • Varied types of sessions keep everything box-fresh and progressing

Your guide to our 3 types of Classes


X-Force training is the heart of your transformation journey, for all abilities

Strength Training

Freeweight training for competent and advanced individuals

Super Circuits

Energetic circuit training for all abilities, both indoor and outdoor sessions

Gold Membership Packages

Gold Membership

Monthly Direct Debits starting at

£50 per month

Annual Membership

Starting at

£500 per annum

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