Let me introduce you to our 3-1-5 Academy, our unique programme to ensure you reach your 2021 goals.

The academy is based around our world class, game changing equipment...X-Force. I hear you ask...

  • WHAT is it?
  • HOW do I do it? 
  • WHY will it benefit ME?​
  • CAN I use it?

EVERYONE can use X-Force, with our master trainers we can guide you through the best way to achieve results in a time-efficient way, creating rapid results, and simple to follow. We have two programmes available within the Academy take a look at which package will help you become the best version of yourself in 2021.

6 Week Kickstart! Programme

Most of us have had a lot of thinking time this year, whether that has been a good thing or a bad thing, we can't decide that for you. However, what we can do is help you better yourself, be a happier version of you, a healthier version and all rounds improve how you live your life. Our 6 Week Kickstart Programme is a great way to get back into your fitness journey...

  • Need to grow confidence in the gym environment
  • Unsure what exercises to be doing 
  • Helping hand to discover your passion and thrive to fitness
  • Looking for a healthier lifestyle but unsure how to get there
  • The Kickstart programme is for you, to guide you on the right path!

10 Week Transformation Programme

The Academy is quite simply “All the benefits of personal training, without the price tag!”

Our 10 week Transformation is the challenge you’ve needed for longer than you can remember, this 10 week course is guaranteed to change your life! Your mindset, your body, your family life, your lifestyle and your outlook on everything...

This is more than just a training programme; it is so much more, with regular hosted workshops and live Q&A’s alongside your small group training sessions throughout the week. 24/7 access to support you during this programme through our private Facebook pages, filling the page full of recipes, advise and a great network for all current members to interact outside of classes. Another fantastic asset of our Academy is our Styku Scanner, you get full access to our body composition scans along with other unique discount codes with our partners OMM, Replenish, Crystal Clear, Fika and Harris physio. These discounts are not available to our normal members.

The time is now...take some time out for YOU, put yourself first and take a leap of faith, let us here at 3-1-5 get you to where you've always wanted to be. Enjoy 2021 with a positive mindset, a healthy lifestyle and loving yourself

So why should I join the Academy?

  • A wonderful opportunity to train with your friends – and make new ones too
  • Expert supervision ensures correct exercising, that you do the work and you get the results you want 
  • Meeting your friends at the gym helps motivate you to train as hard as they do
  • Classes 7 days a week – you can change class times to suit your personal lifestyle
  • If you want, adjust exercise intensity as your fitness improves. Conventional gym activity? Bor-ring. Academy's different, and far better
  • Cheaper than hiring a trainer for 1-on-1 sessions
  • Varied types of sessions keep everything box-fresh and progressing

Your guide to our 4 types of Academy Classes


X-Force training is the heart of your transformation journey, for all abilities

Start-Up Strength

Studio based freeweight training for beginners with little to no weight lifting experience

Strength Training

Freeweight training for competent and advanced individuals

Super Circuits

Energetic circuit training for all abilities, both indoor and outdoor sessions

Academy Packages

Kickstarter - 6 weeks

Starting from


Transformation Challenge

Starting from


Gold Membership

Monthly Direct Debits starting at

£50 per month

Annual Membership

Starting at

£500 per annum

What are you waiting for...

Now is the time to change your life, transform  more than just your body...your mindset and lifestyle 

Join the Academy today.